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Songs 4 Worship
R$ 39,90

Celebrate the Lord ENter God’s presence with de SONGS 4 WORSHIP video collection. Experience the joy of His Love as you worship with the world’s Best leaders and sing classic songs. SONGS 4 WORSHIP brings you na experience that hás inspired  many to raise up their voices and sing to the Lord. So, lift up your voice and join with thousands of Christians  around the world in glorifying the name of Jesus Christ.

                                         ABOVE ALL

Stand Up And Give Him The Praise
Como Into His Presence
Highest Place
The Potter’s Hand
There Is Nome  Like You
Let The Weight Of Your Glory Fall
Our Heart
Breathe On Me
Abore All
Mourning Into Dancing


                                               GOD IS ABLE

God Is Able
God Is The Strength Of My Heart
What The Lord Has Done In Me
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome
You Are Worthy To Be Praised
Crown Him King Of  Kings
You Are Holy
Sing Halleluiah
Halleluiah To The King Of Kings
Let Is Rise

Cor: Colorido
Duração: 80 minutos
Idioma: Inglês
• Ação
• Apocalíptico
• Biográfico
• Documentário
• Histórico
Palestras e Estudos
• Romance


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